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Wednesday Aug 6th at 7pm Special Talk with Jim Kile

Local Jim Kile was born and raised in Hasbrouck and still lives here in Woodbourne. He is rich with memories and information on the area and the Old Stone House and will be here on Wednesday Aug 6th at 7pm to share with us. Bring your photos and memories and see if we can't paint a picture of our local Hamlet. Potluck snacks are welcome!

OSH Thursday Talks

Join us Thursday Evenings at 7pm for short talks given by people from our local community on subjects near and dear to their hearts. Do you have a passion for something? Want to share it. Let us know and will schedule a Thursday for you.

Aug 7th-Lou Jawitz-Digital Photography

August 14- Andrew Kolansky- Introduction to Aquaponics for the Home. Learn about growing herbs and vegetables without soil in your home all year round.

August 21-Chris Campiglia- Making your home more energy efficient, Off-setting your heating costs this winter.

August 28- TBA

Upcoming Art Exhibit


Watercolors by Janet Campbell
Oil paintings by David Munford
September 1­–30, 2014
The Old Stone House
282 Hasbrouck Road, Woodbourne, NY 12788
Artists' reception: Labor Day—Monday, September 1st, 2-4 pm
Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, from 12-4 pm, or by appointment

Recently Past Events

Studio Monday Art Group Show

An opening reception with refreshments will be held on Sunday, July 13, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 at the Daniel Pierce Library in Grahamsville, NY. The show and sale will run until August 31. Many paintings will remain for display in the lower level throughout the year. The Studio Monday Art Group meets weekly at the library on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and is sponsored by the library. The group welcomes new members in all artistic mediums. Come try us!

Call 845-985-7233 for more information.

New Hope Community Holiday Art Exhibit at the Old Stone House

The artist whose work was used for the announcement is the talented
Rosena Jett who resides in one of our Woodbourne homes
The artists reception is on Wednesday, December 11th from 6 to 8pm. Light refreshments will be served.
Artwork will be available for sale.

Over 30 works of art will be represented in this group exhibit of artists from New Hope Community. In addition to traditional paintings, watercolor and acrylic, several of the artists have incorporated new textured mediums.

Sue Petry, our Leisure Arts Coordinator takes the helm of instructing our arts programs and is responsible for putting the show together. This body of work is particularly exciting for Petry and the New Hope family as a whole as new artists have begun to emerge and take part in programs.

If you would like further information regarding the arts  here at New Hope Community, I am confident Sue would love to speak to you. She can be reached easily at 434-8300 x205 or via email at I gladly avail myself to speak in her stead on arts or other topics and can be reached at x218.

Traveling by Horse, Tractor or Bike...His Destination Was Always The Art

Peter Sheehan is an artist of truly unusual background and artistic dimension.
Back in the ‘70s, he was milking a herd of cows...while also producing magnificent pieces of sculpture. By the ‘90s, he was baling hay and riding horses...and at the same creating modernistic works of intense color using paint, ink, torn fabric, and other media.
“It’s my love affair with the land that inspires my art,” says Sheehan, noting that his latest works all bear signs of “the fields, mist, light, trees and stone all around me.”
The wide range of Sheehan’s art will be on display starting November 3rd at the Old Stone House of Hasbrouck, a community-based gallery convenient to Liberty, Monticello, Grahamsville, and the surrounding Catskill region.
After a traditional liberal arts education, Peter Sheehan attended The School of Visual Arts, earning a Masters of Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz. For a time, he taught photography and 3-D design. When the State expanded it's programming at Wallkill Correctional Facility, Peter ran a woodworking craft shop. He later expanded that to include instruction in painting and drawing, with several of his prisoner-students exhibiting in a statewide show titled “Corrections on Canvas.”
New Paltz was then substantially pastoral, and Sheehan lived in a typical area farmhouse. When not working at the prison, he was busy milking dozens of cows, making hay, and growing corn. Later, he farmed another local field with 400 acres of hay, cows and pigs. Even now, while carrying on his substantial art career, he continues caring for 95 land-conservancy acres that include both hay and horses. 
Farming and art not being sufficiently satisfying for him, Sheehan took early on to bicycle racing, and competed in both road and mountain bike events. And his horse-riding enthusiasm, still a big part of his life, brought him to cross-country jumping competitions. A typical week might find him switching back and forth from saddle to tractor seat, with a bike trip in between.
“My experiences working the land and making art have by now blended completely,” says Sheehan. “The plowed fields, the light at dusk and dawn, the mists of morning, the shadows and shades, all define my work. They show up in the lines, colors, materials and patterns, and it’s increasingly hard to recognize where the hedgerow stops, and the artistic rendering begins.”
Peter Sheehan’s exhibit begins with an opening reception from 1-4 pm on Nov. 3, which will include all the makings for a pleasant luncheon while enjoying his work. Thereafter, viewing is by appointment; just call the artist at (845) 901-3743 or (845) 633-0306.




August Art Exhibit

Keen Contrast in Art by Creative Catskills Couple at Hasbrouck Old Stone House 
Sunday, August 4th, from 1-4 pm

She gathers flowers to press their gorgeous petals into designs of exquisite color and balance. He treks to streams teeming with trout, not to fish, but to generate his sensitive watercolors of sweeping vistas.

They are Patricia and Jack Yelle, proprietors of Morning Star Creations in Roscoe, NY, from where they offer their diverse art to the public. For one month only, their work will also be on display at the Old Stone House of Hasbrouck, starting with an opening reception on Sunday, August 4th, from 1-4 pm.

Despite broad differences, their creations represents an artistic love affair between husband and wife. Jack, a retired technical illustrator and advertising executive, used to paint the tug boats and sailing craft near his home overlooking Flushing Bay, NY. His love of fly fishing brought him to Roscoe, where he found the ultimate mix of farmland, woods and water. It was all enough to satisfy his need for subject matter, possibly forever.

Patricia has delved into many media, from pastels through acrylics, and captures the motion of clouds or water
with uncanny ability. But her real enthusiasm is craft, and she has succeeded marvelously in creating unique designs, her favorites using pressed flowers. “It’s a most rewarding art form,” she says. Patricia begins with growing the flowers herself. “I never knew that digging in soil could be such fun.” After harvesting her home-grown blossoms, she composes the final layouts to frame under glass.
In their Roscoe gallery, Jack and Patricia Yelle offer a selection of original watercolors, limited edition lithographs, and open edition prints. Subjects range from fly fishing to marine and rural subjects. Visitors select from major pieces of high craft work, to small, very affordable hospitality gifts, with custom commissions also welcome.

The Yelles can be contacted at (607) 498-5918, or by email at Their exhibition runs through August 25th. The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck is at 282 Hasbrouck Rd., easy to reach from Grahamsville, Liberty, Monticello and Ellenville. For driving directions and more information, visit the web site at

June Art Exhibit

The Art of Betty Ann Enos-Damms, Catskills Native and World Traveler, At Old Stone House of Hasbrouck

Paintings that focus on the splendors of the Catskills, created through a lens of worldwide travel experience, will be on display throughout June at the Old Stone House of Hasbrouck.

In an exhibit titled “Far Away and Home Again,” the art of Betty Ann Enos-Damms will adorn the gallery walls starting with an opening reception on June 8, from 1pm-3pm. The show will run through June 30.

Ms. Enos-Damms, born in Ellenville and raised in the Fallsburgh area, enjoyed a life filled with the diversity of cultures, languages and sights so keenly experienced by spouses traveling within a military family.

“Okinawa, off the coast of Japan, was my home for almost three years,” she says, and that opened the door to visiting South Korea and Hawaii. Another lengthy posting took her to Stuttgart, Germany, offering travel options throughout Europe, plus the chance to learn “enough German to find the important things, like food...and the bathroom.”

Back in the States, “I experienced two years of ‘southern hospitality’ and found out more about the Civil War than any Yankee needs to know.”

Still, some potent internal magnet kept drawing her back to her origins, something quite understandable since her own maternal ancestors had settled Traver Hollow, near the Shokan Reservoir. “Even though the snowcapped peaks of the Alps are magnificent,” says Ms. Enos-Damms, “I love our Cats, ‘Gunks, and ‘Dacks, and my heart stayed here, where the Catskills kiss the Hudson.”

And that’s why so many of her paintings feature those statuesque mountains readily visible from the roadways of Sullivan and Ulster Counties, and many nearby regions. During and after a stateside career in various government agencies dealing with youth services, she increasingly returned to the singular creative process she had previously sidelined.

To be sure, her talent had already been acknowledged. One Japanese restaurant’s wall mural bears her signature; a Virginia art show awarded her work First Place.

But in retirement, as she devoted more and more time to her oils and canvas -- plus, more recently, her watercolors and paper -- Ms. Enos-Damms felt strong new stirrings of creativity, and has been building on her innate ability to teach herself new techniques using previously overlooked media.

A special treat during her Old Stone House exhibit will be a second “opening reception,” this one on June 15, starting at 1pm. That’s to introduce her new young-adult book, Lightning Odyssey (yes, she’s also a published writer). This fun read for kids 8 to 80 is a tale of time-travel-for-two that starts in New Paltz, involves an amateur scientist and a pesky lightning bolt, and teaches its readers the ultimate power of cooperation, and the need to keenly understand history. More on her writing can be found at

Betty Ann Enos-Damms lives today in a wooded area in Gardiner, with her husband and two cats. A married son resides in Florida. Besides painting and writing, she reads extensively, teaches the Bible, and likes to bike, camp, hike, swim and snowshoe.

Ms. Enos-Damms can be contacted at 845-883-0413. The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck is at 282 Hasbrouck Rd., easy to reach from Grahamsville, Liberty, Monticello and Ellenville.


“Eclectic Reflections,”
The Art of Tatiana Bogdanovich

The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck is pleased to present “Eclectic Reflections,” the Art of Tatiana Bogdanovich, from May 5th-31st.

The exhibition leads off with an opening-day reception on May 5th, from 2:00-4:00 pm. Visitors can view the show on subsequent weekends from 12:00-3:00 pm through May 31st.

Ms. Bogdanovich, who lives in Pine Bush, is a woman of unusual artistic talent, but she spent most of her working career embedded deeply within the world of business. Both her parents were successful accountants in the former Yugoslavia, where she grew up, and she earned her college degree in Business Management. While on a working trip to the U.S. in 1991, war broke out in her home country. So she entered the corporate world here, and built a whole new life in the field of investment banking.

But “art was my first love and passion since elementary school,” Ms. Bogdanovich says today, adding:

“I was fortunate to have as an art teacher Natalija Karic-Slijepcevic, a great artist who inspired and encouraged me tremendously, as she does even today, since we are still very much in contact.” Her mentor, widely regarded as one of the top artists to emerge from Belgrade in recent decades, has works held in premier collections throughout Europe and Asia.

But her own artistic side suffered from the constraints of work. “I had very little time to paint or draw,” she recalls. “I did a painting here and there, but my canvases were mostly collecting dust.”

Still, after two decades in business, Ms. Bogdanovich slowly let her creative side re-emerge. “People in banking always said that ‘time is money.’ But I realized that time is not money. Time is life.”

“If you lose money,” she explained, “you can always make it back. But each moment of your life that passes is gone forever, and never comes back.” She calls this realization her personal “mid-life crisis,” during which “I was not feeling fulfilled, and I was extremely stressed out and unhappy.”

Fortunately, she is surrounded by “a wonderful family, my ultimate love and inspiration,” her husband and both of her children “encouraged me to get out my brushes, my paint, my canvas. And here I am, loving every single moment!” For a brief while, her creativity took the form of designing interiors for a home-improvement firm, but even that was overcome by the desire to experience the wider world of art.

Now, with a brand new career underway, “I do not want to limit myself to any particular themes or styles,” she says. “I love realism, impressionism, contemporary concepts, but I like to experiment with abstract art as well.”

In short, she says, “I love to wake up and surprise myself. I love both strong and muted colors, depending on my mood. I might paint a horse, a stylized flower, a still life, a dancer, a landscape, a little bit of this or a little bit of that.”

“I am a happy and positive person. I love beauty, and I find beauty in everything surrounding us. Sometimes I find inspiration in something I see. Sometimes my mind takes me on an unexpected wonderful voyage. Part of my soul that was missing for such a long time is found, and now I feel content and fulfilled. Art has helped me to feel whole, and for that I am so grateful.”

Tatiana Bogdanovich can be contacted at (917) 340-0810. The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck is at 282 Hasbrouck Rd. near Woodbourne, NY, easy to reach from Grahamsville, Liberty, Monticello and Ellenville. For driving directions and more information, visit the web site at

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July Art Exhibit


Photography by Lou Jawitz

Opening-day public reception on Sunday, July 7th, from 2-4 pm
The show will remain on display throughout the month of July viewable by appointment by calling (212) 929-0009

Catskill-area photographer Louis Jawitz is returning to The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck this July with yet another exquisite collection of his international images.

In a new show titled “India,” Jawitz presents a range of scenes that depict the lives of everyday people in that vast and diverse nation. The show gets underway with an opening-day public reception on Sunday, July 7th, from 2-4 pm, and runs throughout the month with viewings by appointment. Just call (212) 929-0009 to set up a time and date. This is his third exhibition at the Old Stone House in recent years, each previous show having generated record-setting attendance.

Jawitz is no stranger to the local photography scene. His works have been displayed at the Catskill Art Society, the Sullivan County Arts Center and the Red Eft gallery, and are in the permanent collection of the Liberty Museum and Arts Center. Farther afield, his images have been shown at Nikon House and honored by the Art Directors Club in New York City, and have graced the pages of Shutterbug, Popular Photography, Popular Mechanics and several other major magazines.

He has worked as an adjunct professor at Sullivan County Community College and as guest lecturer at both the New School of Social Research and the School of Visual Arts. Jawitz is also the creator of the Neversink Photo Workshop, which conducts summer photography workshops every weekend in July and August. In addition, he offers personal/private “immersion” days of one-on-one instruction. For more details, visit

“People might say a picture is worth a thousand words,” says Jawitz, “but from time to time, a single image can be more like several chapters in a long novel.” That’s the case with any number of his own photos, in which multiple subjects seem to each tell a totally separate story, while all contributing to the unified whole. “I look for clarity and individuality on the smaller scales,” Jawitz explained, “but significant fusion when it’s viewed all together.”

The Old Stone House, next to the Neversink River in Sullivan County, is a short drive from Monticello, Liberty, Grahamsville or Ellenville. Built in 1810, its colorful history extends from early Dutch settlements, through two World Wars, right up to today's quiet country atmosphere. It is supported almost exclusively through generous donations from supporters throughout the community. The facility today hosts numerous classes in the arts for kids and adults alike, ballet training for youngsters, and regular art exhibits in its two main gallery rooms.

We are now accepting applications for 2014 exhibitions. Please contact us for more details.