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Current Art Exhibit


Watercolors by Janet Campbell
Oil paintings by David Munford
September 1­–30, 2014
The Old Stone House
282 Hasbrouck Road, Woodbourne, NY 12788
Artists' reception: Labor Day—Monday, September 1st, 2-4 pm
Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, from 12-4 pm, or by appointment


Starting Oct. 4th

A Broken This, a Shattered That,
All Add Up to Innovative Art
Many artists use traditional oils, while others will chip away at huge hunks of marble. A few employ somewhat more peculiar media, such as scraps of old packaging, broken bits of plastic, the inner parts of shattered machines, and other assorted flotsam and jetsam.
Melinda Wallach, whose mixed-media work will be displayed at the Old Stone House of Hasbrouck throughout October, will use “almost anything” in her art, she says, especially “modern garbage,” the discarded debris of contemporary life.
“One of my passions is to look at mundane objects, especially things that have been thrown away,” she explains, and “re-purpose them as elements in pieces of art.”
Because viewers will likely linger on those small, unusual elements -- indeed, she challenges them to identify the origin of each component -- she titles the show “There’s a Method to Her Madness,” reminding them to open their eyes wider, step back a bit, and contemplate the larger integrated piece. “I hope every visitor becomes intrigued by the interplay of the elements, and enjoys the overall energy emerging from the whole composition.”
Her exhibition -- including a wide range of her styles and media -- opens with a free Saturday evening reception at the Old Stone House, from 6-10 pm on October 4th, to be catered by Chef Austin from the Grant House Country Inn in Bethel, NY ( The art can be viewed thereafter on Saturdays and Sundays, noon-4 pm, through Oct. 26th.
Born on Long Island, Ms. Wallach’s early artistic endeavors dealt with silk, cotton and wool creations. One grandfather had painted in oils, the other had been a naval architect who also worked in sculpture and drawing, and her mother created collages and painted furniture. Her own career, though, led her into nursing, and a BA in psychology. She later became a medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry, co-authored books on women’s reproductive health, and spent several years freelancing.
Then, more recently, her art career blossomed. She began studying in earnest while living in Florida, joining ArtServe of Fort Lauderdale and exhibiting in group shows there and throughout the area. And she took Masters Level workshops with internationally known artists Genie Appel, Eydi Lampasona and Wolf Kahn, and worked privately with Betty Edwards, whose 1979 best-seller “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” set new standards throughout the art world.
Her artistic plan, so to speak, was to avoid at all costs having any artistic plan. “I start a piece without an end goal, letting the work speak to me as it evolves, and discovering whatever the creative, intuitive process shows me. I’ll blend elements of realism with abstraction, using pastels, acrylics, oil, collage, mixed media, and sometimes those ‘found’ objects.”
There are visible influences in her art from Austria, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Bali, plus dozens of other spots she’s visited, along with signs of her enthusiasm for pueblo pottery, graffiti, Chinese calligraphy, and even images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
When not traveling, or wintering in the south, she shares a Loch Sheldrake home with her husband, amid a substantial selection of her own ingenious art. An enthusiastic practitioner of meditation, she often ponders modern physics and astronomy because “they reveal how our universe works, how energy manifests every object, thought and action, and how we see only the tip of the iceberg, with most of existence going on under the surface.”
Viewing her art, she hopes, may well make visible some measure of what’s normally so hidden.
For more information about the show, call Melinda Wallach at (954) 815-9398.


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