Garbage! Junk! Trash! Art!!!

Be THIS art?
People often ask, “What is art?” The answer, starting July 17th at The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck, is: “Who cares?”

That’s when a new “art” exhibit begins, featuring every terrible painting, dreadful photo and sleazy sculpture unearthed during this year’s spring cleaning.

“We tidied the attic, straightened the basement and emptied the closets,” said Alana Sherman, President of The House, “and found dozens of unsold -- and unwanted -- artworks left behind from decades of exhibitions.” Some of them “could be considered mediocre,” she said, “and a surprising number are of the highest quality and certainly deserve a good home.“ But many were left in dusty storage “because, well, nobody wanted to ever see them again.”

Nevertheless, since the proverb says “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” The House will let the public view this odd collection, all quite properly hung for display, and make an independent determination of quality. Opening day visitors can also enjoy a reception offering wine and snacks guaranteed to counter-balance the calibre of the art.

The show -- “Garbage! Junk! Trash! Art!!! -- will run either until the end of August, or until every last work has been purchased by an unsuspecting or visually challenged collector.

The first-day Sunday reception runs from 1-4 pm and, since it precedes by one day the opening of the Republican National Convention, political discussions will be permitted only if they don’t interfere with erudite artistic conversations.

For more information, contact Alana Sherman at (845) 436-0070, or by email at