“Expressions...” Exhibit Opens Friday

A new exhibit, by two women whose lives overflow with rich and rewarding experience, opens this Friday, July 31st. Photographer Beth Green joins painter Lynn Kaplan to show works, both bold and muted, that represent key events in their multi-faceted careers. It's titled "Expressions of the Moment."

“Our photos and canvasses capture the moments that have touched our spirits,” says Green, who at MIT interned in art photography under Ansel A...dams and Minor White. “This work presents our highs and lows, and all the emotional shades of life in between.”

Green was both a United Press International staffer, and a Newsweek photo editor. She went on to photograph Queen Elizabeth, Pope John Paul II, various U.S. presidents, and countless sports events. Today, her images are “quiet and more peaceful,” she says, with a focus on architecture and corporate work.

Painter Lynn Kaplan’s mother was a Catskills “Borscht Belt” regular, their house always filled with music. Her painting lessons began at the age of nine; her summers were spent at Northeast art camps. With degrees in literature and education, she moved to Pratt for her Masters, specializing in interior design.

Their exhibit opens with a 7-10 pm wine-and-cheese reception Friday, and a second 1-4 pm reception the very next day. Thereafter, visitors can call (917) 499-9700 to view the show throughout August by appointment. Find full details on our "Events" page.