Artistic Egg Hatching on Saturday

Mary (left) and Melinda

A huge artistic egg hatches on Saturday evening, July 18th, at the Hasbrouck Old Stone House.

That’s when Melinda Wallach and her mother, Mary, open their extraordinary exhibition of “biomorph” life-forms. Some of these truly strange sculptural creatures resemble oversized organisms that might have hatched instead beneath the deepest ocean -- or inside the darkest dream -- while others look friendly, welcoming, even all-warm-and-fuzzy.

The doors to the art show and a gala reception will be open from 6-9:30 pm, and the exhibition -- titled Incubation. Creation. Community. -- will continue 12-4 pm the very next day, plus the following Saturday and Sunday, or by appointment on weekdays till the end of July.

The two artists gave birth to their biomorphs using everyday objects and supplies, including items discarded as trash, or on the way to the dump. One relative enjoys dismantling machines, and passes along interesting pieces. Bubble wrap, thrift-shop clothing, scraps of fabric, and odds and ends from yard sales, all find places in this unusual new family’s DNA.

A real deep-sea creature (left) and a biomorph.
“Our show celebrates creation itself,” says Melinda Wallach. “It stems from the Big Bang of biomorphs and, once their little universe expanded, shows them experiencing daily existence just like us, with all its assorted joys and sorrows, conflicts and resolutions.”

And the show garnered lovely front-page coverage in the Tri-Valley Townsman, true testimony to its unusual character. Be sure to put this memorable event on  your own calendar!