Spirits Spotted at Old Stone House

Paranormal Team Leader Fred Perlmutter
It's official! The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck likely plays host to four spectral entities, according to the just-revealed results of a paranormal investigation team.

The researchers recently set up an array of advanced electronics -- covering visible, audible and electronic emanations -- at our 200-year-old building, and spent the night searching for signs of ghosts. After all, they reasoned, one brutal murder had taken place here well over a century ago, and the site has seen many, many unusual uses since then.

Yesterday evening, the team from NYS Tri-County Paranormal told a standing-room-only crowd that no fewer than four separate spirits had been identified by their research, including that of Anthony Hasbrouck, who was slain in 1840. They presented night-vision videos of odd moving shadows, plus peculiar flickers of light, that couldn't be readily identified as originating in our "natural" world. Apparently no evidence arose that "our" lingering spirits are in any way dangerous.

For those who believe in ghosts, the issue now seems settled. And doubters will surely continue to question the entire endeavor. But all who attended should agree that our local ghost-hunters undertook their task both seriously, and thoroughly. If you're interested in exploring your own ghostly sites, you can get in touch with them at http://nystrictyparanorma.wix.com/paranormal#