Sketchbook Art Program at Hasbrouck Old Stone House Gains Grant From DVAA

The Old Stone House of Hasbrouck, a regional arts and education center, has received a $630 grant through the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance to support a local sketchbook art program inspired by The Sketchbook Project, the national arts endeavor operated by the Brooklyn Art Library.

The funds will help defray some of the local program’s major expenses, including compensation for three workshop leaders and numerous art supplies.

The Sketchbook Project supports individual expression through personal “sketchbooks” of drawings, collages, photos, writings, and other works suitable for the printed page. The Old Stone House version, titled “Somewhere in the Catskills,” encourages participants to artistically explore the scenery, buildings, events and people that make our area so special.

Participants can purchase sketchbooks directly from The Old Stone House for $7 each, which includes scanning them for posting to an online gallery established just for this project. Those original sketchbooks become part of an Old Stone House Sketchbook Collection. As an option, direct enrollment in the Brooklyn Library’s worldwide project is $25 per sketchbook, or $60 to include digitizing each finished book for permanent viewing on that Library’s website, and with original sketchbooks becoming part of a permanent Library collection.

Prominent area artists will conduct the program’s three major upcoming workshops -- Aug. 20th, Sept. 18th and Oct. 16th -- and otherwise guide participants in ways to express themselves within the pages of their own sketchbooks. They are:

ALANA SHERMAN, poet, painter and teacher, who lives in Woodbourne, NY, with her husband and dogs in an 1834 farmhouse under constant renovation, “sort of like my poems,” she says. She is a member of The Alchemy Poetry Workshop, the oldest extant poetry workshop in Sullivan County. A published author, Alana writes essays, poems and children’s books. In addition to her art endeavors, she’s a community developer and works to preserve The Old Stone House.

PAULINA TRACZ is the art director for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit and senior design manager at Spafinder Wellness 365. She holds a degree in Communication from Cornell University and in Communication Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her growth as a designer is largely attributed to expanding her creative practice to include art journaling, painting and drawing during the cold winter months in the Catskills, where she mostly resides.

DAVID MUNFORD paints, sketches, does computer-assisted drafting, dabbles in graphic design, and draws cartoons. He holds a BA in fine arts from Empire State College and a Certificate of Fine Art from the Art Institute of Boston. Munford lives and works in Grahamsville, and maintains a painting studio at the Old Stone House, where his oil paintings will be part of a new September exhibition.

For more information, and to register for the program, email, or phone Alana Sherman at (845) 436-0070.

This project is made possible in part with funding from a Sullivan County Arts & Heritage Grant, funded by the Sullivan County Legislature and administered by the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance.