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Our Playground

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Our playground is one of the few in our rural community. There aren't many places parents can bring their young children to play outdoors. It is now about 40 years old and much of the equipment is outdated and very decrepit. We would like to refurbish it so that our youngsters have a safe and healthy environment in which to play. Our playground area also contains the start of a fitness trail that we would like to finish. This would be a great place for local people to work out. We would like to finish that trail. Then, we would have a playground where everyone, old and young, in our community could come to enjoy the outdoors, play and get fit. The OSH is an historical building in The Hamlet of Hasbrouck. It is totally supported by volunteers and private donations. We are constantly fundraising in an attempt to keep the house open and available for use by the local community. This means it is difficult to find funds for our playground. A playground is an important part of a community and it would be a shame if deteriorating equipment and grounds forced us to close it to our young children who need places to play, to our teenagers who come to play basketball and to socialize in a safe, healthy place and to everyone else who would like to exercise there. Our heart and soul is in this community center and its play areas. This money would help us ensure its continuance. We think it would be difficult to find a more worthy project than our playground renovation. View more.