Peter Sheehan Art Show Starts Nov. 3

Peter Sheehan is an artist of truly unusual background and artistic dimension. “It’s my love affair with the land that inspires my art,” says Sheehan, noting that his latest works all bear signs of “the fields, mist, light, trees and stone all around me.” The wide range of Sheehan’s art will be on display at the Old Stone House starting November 3rd, through Nov. 30th. 
“My experiences working the land and making art have by now blended completely,” says Sheehan. “The plowed fields, the light at dusk and dawn, the mists of morning, the shadows and shades, all define my work. They show up in the lines, colors, materials and patterns, and it’s increasingly hard to recognize where the hedgerow stops, and the artistic rendering begins.”

Peter Sheehan’s exhibit begins with an opening reception from 1-4 pm on Nov. 3, which will include all the makings for a pleasant luncheon while enjoying his work. Thereafter, viewing is by appointment; just call the artist at (845) 901-3743 or (845) 633-0306.Check our "Events and Exhibits" page for more details.