Call for Artists in 2013

We have officially issued our 2013 “Call for Artists!”

Following a fabulously popular series of innovative art shows through 2012, we are throwing open our gallery doors to talented artists seeking expanded public attention. Exhibitors display their works -- paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. -- for one-month periods in our two lovely showrooms. Both individual and group shows are welcome.

Newcomers are encouraged, too, including those who have never before shown their work. We impose few requirements, and each exhibitor pays just a $20 annual membership fee.

The 2012 gallery season recently ended with an extended run of “Manescapes & Landscapes,” photographs by LaVerne Black and paintings by David Munford. Both artists reported sales that were unusually strong during the entire course of their two-month exhibition, which continued our overall record-setting art sales for the year.
For information about scheduling a 2013 art show, contact Alana Sherman at (845) 436-0070.