“Worst Art” Exhibit Brings Best Crowds in Memory

Dozens of visitors have bravely faced the “World’s Worst Art Show” here at the Old Stone House...all of them survived the experience...and some even insisted it was actually terrific.

The show presents good art badly displayed, and awful art shown well. It opened with a gala reception on Saturday, July 14th. Guest were strongly urged to suspend all sense of taste while moving around the two showrooms.

Some would stop abruptly at the “Let Me Axe You Somethin’” display -- an axe chopping through cheap artwork, amid a trail of fake blood -- and exclaim: “Good grief, that is dreadful!” Others seemed perplexed at a portrait irreverently hung upside-down, and one visitor even removed the piece from the wall, and re-hung it “properly.”

A trashcan stuffed with ghastly art, which was meant as an artistic statement, was instead used by many visitors for its original purpose, as a trashcan.

One exhibit highlight was the wall of odd art created by the kids of Messy Smocks, our in-house arts program run by Andrea Eddings. Students had been invited to create the very worst art they could imagine, and they succeeded admirably. One painted a scene of pre-chewed bubble gum, while another graphically presented a series of unpleasant words.

The show continues for a short while longer, but by appointment only. If you’re brave enough to see your worst art nightmares come true, call (845) 647-5579 to arrange a visit.