"World's Worst Art" Show Coming July 14

It's junk...trash...leftovers! Or is it? You be the judge!

We're presenting our first-ever "World's Worst Art" show, with a grand opening reception set for Saturday, July 14, 1-4pm.

The exhibit is art on the chopping block...literally! One oddball installation, in a graphic confrontation, takes the axe to pieces of genuine art. Another questions whether some creative works have really earned their premier spots...in the garbage can.

The show presents two rooms filled with truly terrible, amazingly awful, artworks. There are family portraits hung upside-down. Landscapes you'll want to quickly escape. Still-lifes to make you hide your face and cry. It's an art lover's great discovery, or worst nightmare.

And it's all for sale. You'll find "art" for a buck...or ten. Select from an astonishing array of bad, and worse, all mixed together, and all absurdly displayed. The only sure thing about quality will be the snacks and wine at the opening reception. The rest is a matter of eternal public debate.

As an added "attraction," students in The Old Stone House "Messy Smocks" art program will spend an entire class session deliberately creating bad art for the show. "It's Oscar the Grouch meets Van Gogh," says teacher Andrea Eddings.

The "World's Worst Art" show will also be open Sunday afternoon, July 15, right next door to the truly revolutionary Bastille-Day Weekend Yard Sale, and by appointment on subsequent weekends.

It's all part of our 2012 fundraising program. For more information, contact the unfortunately designated curators, Bob Garrett and Ursula Waldmeyer-Garrett, at Garrett-Waldmeyer, (845) 647-5579, or email garrwald@hughes.net.