Art As... Exhibition

On Sunday, June 3rd, the students of the weekly art class held their first exhibition, showcasing their art journals. This event was a first of its kind for the Old Stone House, since the art was displayed in journals, laid out on tables, rather than hung up on the walls like our more traditional art exhibits. It also had a very personal element, which each artist present to tell their story of how art has affected them. Eryn Goble, age 11 shared how her art has been a part of her growth. Jean Dermer shared how her creativity has been awakened as a result of her art journaling. Paulina Tracz, the teacher of the class, shared her very personal process of healing through art. And Joan Kirby and 4 year-old daughter Madison shared their journey of parenting through art.
The program also included an interactive art class to offer each viewer a chance to get creative and messy with some fun creative warm ups. A good time was had by all! Thanks to all who participated and came to see the exhibit. The weekly art class for adults and children is held on Tursdays at 7pm, on the second floor of the old house. Click here for more art class details.