Crazy Characters are Coming...

Do you know these two people?

If you said Popeye and Olive Oyl, you’d be wrong! And that’s the fun of costume never know for sure who’s who.

So just for fun, we’re throwing an “End-of-Show” costume party on Saturday, Oct. 25th, from 7:30-midnight, complete with music, dancing, refreshments, and even a mystery door prize. Plus, some of your best friends and nearest neighbors will probably be there, too, perhaps masquerading as somebody (or some-thing) they’re not.

It’s all to celebrate not only the Halloween season, but also the final weekend of an ongoing exhibition of works by mixed-media artist Melinda Wallach. Her pieces are noteworthy for their frequent inclusion of truly odd “found” objects, among them scraps of old packaging, broken machinery, and discarded plastic shards. Her show concludes the following day, Oct. 26th, from noon-4pm.

While the costume party is free to all, guests are invited to bring along their own favorite beverages, some nibbles to share, and/or contribute $5-10 to defray overhead. And costumes, while encouraged, are completely optional.

Her Art Emerges From Scraps & Junk

New Show Starts Oct. 4

Many artists use traditional oils, while others will chip away at huge hunks of marble. A few employ somewhat more peculiar media, such as scraps of old packaging, broken bits of plastic, the inner parts of shattered machines, and other assorted flotsam and jetsam.

Melinda Wallach, whose mixed-media work will be displayed at the Old Stone House of Hasbrouck throughout October, will use “almost anything” in her art, she says, especially “modern garbage,” the discarded debris of contemporary life.

Her exhibition opens with a free Saturday evening reception at the Old Stone House, from 6-10 pm on October 4th, to be catered by Chef Austin from the Grant House Country Inn in Bethel, NY ( The art can be viewed thereafter on Saturdays and Sundays, noon-4 pm, through Oct. 26th.

Visit our "Events" page for full details.

“Somewhere in the Catskills” Official Launch Workshop

The Old Stone House is super proud to launch it’s first-ever sketchbook program entitled “Somewhere in the Catskills.” Thank you to all who participated in the first of three workshops to guide participants in completing the project. The workshops are optional however, and anyone can participate in the project by registering and ordering a sketchbook of their own. If you live too far from the house, we welcome online participants to join the community discussion by posting works in progress at our facebook page, or using the Instagram hashtag #theoldstonehouse. To learn more and register, click to view our sketchbook page!